Darkness staff application 2.

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Darkness staff application 2. Empty Darkness staff application 2.

Post by Darkness on Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:54 pm

Name/IGN: Darkness

Age: I'm 15 years old, sir. I hope that you respect the fact that I'm not very old, but I hope that there will be no problems regarding that!

Previous Times With Servers:I like helping players in game, Because its a very good server and i think ill do a good job being part of Elysian-Pk staff. And Im VERY VERY active.

I have been admin of "Dfscape" and " Ruinous" some of the higher voted servers on runelocus 100+ players but i quit because so much lagg so i got expiriense on servers staff .
I have also Co-owned a server called Darkquest and another server Tokescape Smile

What Position Your Applying For:Trial mod/Mod.

Why Do You Deserve This Position:Because I have been a loyal member to this server. I have had a very long time playing this server Smile I have helped alot of players and recruited alot of players Smile I don't really think I deserve a position because of my past times on this server, But I have matured alot since my last application, I think some of you may be able to see the the changes Smile I am a really really legit dice host Smile I just really want to feel responsible for something Smile.

What Can You Do To Help Us: Well since I am the #1 BBW you should tell me what I have to do Wink
Kidding I will be stop rage wars ( I am in alot of them not gonna lie :/ ) But if I get a staff position I will feel more responsible and wouldn't have rage wars. Smile

Tell us more about you (optional):I'm Darkness, I am 15 years years old 16 in a couple of months Smile My birthday is on July 16th Smile I am a legendary donor Smile I am also a dice host Smile Thanks Smile
-Charlies #1 BBW


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Darkness staff application 2. Empty Re: Darkness staff application 2.

Post by grabonaugth on Fri Feb 22, 2013 8:19 pm

i agree with this application because there are some things in this world that would not count for money but count for potatoes to degree or disdegree for the main reason to accept this is that there is no person better for the job than this loyal subject would be good for the job so that is why you should pick him for the mod spot that we all know that you have in the game so that not much people would know about sometimes i wonder why we even he knifes and forks sticking out of his head he said 'owowow owowowow' that sometime we have to do somthings... and thats the end of the story i have to tell you today. overall i agree with this application.

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