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Darkness staff application! Empty Darkness staff application!

Post by Darkness on Sun Jun 24, 2012 2:14 am

Name/IGN: Darkness <----- is kewl!

Age: I'm 14 years old, sir. I hope that you respect the fact that I'm not very old, but I hope that there will be no problems regarding that! (15 in 2 weeks)

Previous Times With Servers:I like helping players in game, Because its a very good server and i think ill do a good job being part of Elysian-Pk staff. And Im VERY VERY active.

I have been admin of "Dfscape" and " Ruinous" some of the higher voted servers on runelocus 100+ players but i quit because so much lagg so i got expiriense on servers staff .

If i get staff position i will help alot in server for example:
1- Help New/Old players. 2- Get Players into server/Adv server. 3-Make Youtube Vids soo pepole can join from there. 4- Tell my friends to join 4. even family members

What Position Your Applying For:Anything that suits me Smile

Why Do You Deserve This Position:Because you love meh! , well to be completely honest i probbaly havent done anything extreme to deserve a position but i have helped out new players
For example :
told them commands (::melee , ::mage , ::range , all the ::pure commands and all the rest )
showed them were to make some gp ::money making
showed them were to player kill Smile
Red portal = multi dangerous.
Light blue portal = multi safe.
Purple purple = Edgeville pking Smile
and i have recruited my mates and brothers but they dont play often...

What Can You Do To Help Us: I'll guide some of the newer gamers around the world of Elysian-Pk. Ill make sure there is no scammer's wondering the streets looking for some free claws , ill make sure the glitches are not being abused by some 10yr old.. , I will make people treat people with the RESPECT they deserve. I can be very persuasive when it comes to advertising.
Im also good at stopping advertisers!
not long enough?. i think that was good enough , well the best i can do.

Tell us more about you (optional):I'm Darkness, an experienced RSPS player who will not let you down. I think that Elysian-Pk looks like a very nice server, and I hope that the forums will be nice for me aswell. I'd love to moderate a server like this, and I can be very active since I've got alot of spare time. Why would you pick me? Well, that's up to you. I'd say that I'm a good staff member, but I don't know how you look at me? Maybe you don't see me as a good choice for a staff member, but I hope you do. I really appreciate that you took your time to read through this, it means alot to me! Also, I know I'm new but don't worry - I'll be old soon!
Have a nice day,

P.S. come to the darkside we have cookies!

now here are some lovely Emotions Smile Laughing Very Happy cheers bom sunny santa cherry albino drunken rabbit @ cyclops

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