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ashley love staff application :) Empty ashley love staff application :)

Post by ashley love on Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:35 pm

Name In-Game: ashley love

Age: 16 years old Smile

Previous Times With Servers: I love helping new people that join the server, ☑️ Never scammed players ☑️ Never been muted/banned/jailed.

What Position Your Applying For: Moderator.

Why Do You Deserve This Position: Well, Im trying to help as much as i can, helping the new players, trying to see if someone abuse of the command ::special.

What Can You Do To Help Us: I'm always helping the new players almost all the time checking if there's someone trying to dupe or abusing the command ::special.

Tell us more about you: Well i really think Elysian-Pk is a very good server i really hope i could have a chance to be a Family Member of Elysian-Pk, it would be nice to to help you guys and i promise you guys that if you let me get Moderator I will never let you guys down.

It was nice to have a chance talking about how i feel about the server if you need help on server please dont be shy of PM me guys all you have to do is add me: ashley love

~Ashley love~
ashley love
ashley love

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