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Alex's Staff Application Empty Alex's Staff Application

Post by alex on Sun Jun 24, 2012 7:26 pm

Name/IGN: Alex

Age: 14

Previous Times With Servers: I've experienced every staff position multiple time on various servers.

What Position Your Applying For: Ingame Moderator or Forum Moderator

Why Do You Deserve This Position: I think I deserve moderator because I am helpful, kind, respectful, and I'm experienced. I used to own my own server so I understand how being an owner can sometimes be overwhelming. I have been Moderator, Administrator, and Owner before on different servers. Also when I play a server, I stick to it, I don't go playing other servers. I'm also constantly advertising.

What Can You Do To Help Us: I can make GFX (Graphics) for ElysianPk. I help all new players that join this server, along with if someone needs something I stop what I'm doing to go and help them.

Tell us more about you (optional): My real life name is Alex, obviously. I play Junior Varsity Football, I play Wide Receiver and Safety. I also play RuneScape and Xbox. I have a Skype so add me if you want. Uhm yeah that's about it. Thanks for reading and hopefully you can consider letting me be a staff member in ElysianPk.

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